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Rancala is a game setting where the traditional features of Sword & Sorcery — in which daring heroes engage in thrilling and violent adventures in a world with elements of magic and the supernatural — are transposed and adapted to the context of the Stone Age period.

This is a world of wild and brutal adventures set in a pristine, idyllic and exotic setting where beauty goes hand in hand with danger, a world of vast natural landscapes and abundant resources, but inhabited by hostile megafauna and other living beings. a harsh and violent life of constant struggle for survival, where the flora dazzling to the eye can be as treacherous as the most bloodthirsty predator.

Countless ruins dot the landscape of various regions across the continent, from the imposing and stoic Guardians of Stone, to the decrepit and once majestic remains of temples and stone cities, enigmatic megalithic constructions and the darkest necropolises where only evil dares to enter. The world is vast and mysterious, much of it has not yet been explored, the horizon is always shrouded in legends and even the most prominent nomadic tribes of merchants are unaware of the grandeur and dimension of the mysteries that surround the great continent.

Rancala is a world before recorded history, when tribes fought each other for primordial lands, when daring warriors and furious barbarians battled wild beasts and strange monsters, when nefarious priests and cultists conceived their evil plans hidden in caves or in their mysterious temples of stone.

A brutal land, where only the strongest survive, of extreme beauty and wealth, but marked by a daily savagery that shapes everyone who lives and ventures here. A world that can lift the most intrepid to unimaginable glories as easily as it plunges them into utter despair, a world where ancient forces collide with the will of mortals. Welcome and may luck guide you on your journey.

Rancala is nothing more than the realization of a dream, being the first scenario developed for Lâminas & Feitiços, having emerged as a oneshot during the system's playtests, but due to the players' excitement and their creativity quickly grew and took the form it has today, and this material is the fulfillment of the promise made almost two years ago, of one day transforming those matches into an official setting for the game. So I dedicate this work to all those who helped me and still help in the production of content for the game. Without you none of this would have been possible. Thanks.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The Wild Wolrd of RANCALA.pdf
The Ages of Rancala.pdf 468 kB
Magic and the Supernatural in Rancala.pdf 501 kB
Setting Rules for Rancala.pdf 590 kB
Gods of Rancala - Volume 1.pdf 511 kB
Gods of Rancala - Volume 2.pdf 505 kB
Rancala - Prehistoric Archetypes.pdf 530 kB
Rancala - Exotic Archetypes.pdf 513 kB
Rancala -Primitive Magic.pdf 541 kB
Tribes of Rancala.pdf 529 kB
Rancala - Economy and Exotic Locations.pdf 523 kB
Rancala - Herbs and Potions Guide.pdf 519 kB
Beasts and Monsters of Rancala - Volume 1.pdf 794 kB
Beasts and Monsters of Rancala - Volume 2.pdf 528 kB